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Allison Rossett, who has been a professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University for decades, is fascinated by what, in addition to classes and training, influences performance. This passion began with her book, Handbook of Job Aids, and continues here today.

Allison is an irreverent keynote speaker, a bang-up ping pong player, and a consultant on learning and performance strategy, development of workforce learning professionals, and analysis and evaluation. Her many honors include induction into the Training magazine HRD Hall of Fame, recognition as ASTD's 2002 winner for contributions to Workplace Learning and Performance, membership on ASTD's International Board, and best book honors for Training Needs Assessment, A Handbook of Job Aids, First Things Fast: A Handbook for Performance Analysis, and Beyond the Podium: Delivering Training and Performance to a Digital World (2001). Allison edited The ASTD E-learning Handbook: Best Practices, Strategies and Case Studies for an Emerging Field (2002).

Allison's distinguished career has taken her many places, including Taipei, Singapore, India, Australia, Brazil and all over North America. She lives happily in San Diego, California. Contact Allison via email or visit her web site at

Lisa Schafer, co-founder of Collet and Schafer, Incorporated, has been helping organizations put knowledge everywhere since 1994. She has conducted performance analyses, delivered training solutions, developed systems, and administered industry benchmarking surveys for Fortune 100 clients. Lisa developed an award-winning financial system for a global pharmaceutical company which successfully reduced employee workload while improving deliverables.

Lisa started her career in human resources, focusing on organization analysis, staffing, process improvement, and employee recruiting and retention. Her business acumen, combined with her experience in data analysis and presentation, human capital, and the appropriate use of technology, enable her to see to the root of a problem and develop effective solutions.

Lisa graduated with Highest Distinction from Purdue University with a bachelor's degree in Management and later earned a master's degree in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. Contact Lisa via email or visit her web site at
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