Moving from Knowledge in the Classroom to
What is performance support? What is in the book? Is performance support appropriate for my project? BUY THE BOOK
In our book, we define performance support as:
"A helper in life and work, performance support is a repository for information, processes, and perspectives that inform and guide planning and action."
It is an information-rich resource that an engineer, nurse, teacher, parent, mechanic, veteran, pilot, or customer service representative relies on to get things done. Read more...
Do you find yourself asking...

What do job aids and performance support look like? How do they work?

How can performance support be useful for my organization?

Is the classroom dead?

Must I be a web developer to develop performance support?

Is the book for me?
Want some advice about your own project? Try this tailored Performance Support Tool to find out...
  • Is performance support right for my project?
  • What strengths do we bring to the project?
  • What are potential roadblocks?

Allison Rossett, an award-winning author and popular speaker, is a professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University and a consultant in workforce learning and performance. Read more...

Lisa Schafer is co-founder of Collet and Schafer, Incorporated, a firm dedicated to helping organizations analyze data, design solutions and deploy knowledge everywhere. Read more...